Futures of Hypercomplexity


Futures of Hypercomplexity responds to several urgent questions: What is the agency of architecture in megacities that are facing severe inundation? In what forms do architecture and design “appear” within compositions of hypercomplexity? And, what are the variations of architecture and its operations among cities with a common crisis? 

Materially, the exhibit is comprised of seven tables and two projected diptics. The tables, when positioned together, form a partial map of the city of Jakarta, with six sites highlighted as sites of research and intervention. Below the map are drawings, diagrams and text outlining the research, connecting the geographic site to the paradigmatic sites of work, on topics such as coastal infill, canal flooding, potable water distribution and vegetative energy. The tables are lit from below, illuminating the drawings and the sites, and creating seven glowing objects in a dimly lit gallery.

The gallery doubled as a workshop space for the research. During the workshop, the tables were pushed together to form one large uninterrupted surface, around which the workshop took place. 

Location Ann Arbor, MI
Client Architecture + Adaptation
Status Completed
Date 2013


Lead Designer and Project Manager Sara Dean
Designer Jono Sturt
Clients Meredith Miller and Etienne Turpin