Bad Infinity

BAD INFINITY is a pop-up exhibition designed, produced and curated by the Master of Science in Design Research graduates of 2012. It represents the collective work of the 10 individual research projects on connections between the contemporary environment and the discipline of architecture.


Bad Infinity is best seen at 30mph and in 72dpi. The landscape burns of gestural repetition. Fluorescent buzz and flicker mark time. The sound of the abandoned house is the low battery beep of the smoke detector. Logistical space establishes itself as a new aesthetic. Weak space leaves room for infrastructural amplification. Absence presences itself forcefully. Normalcy becomes a deceptive action, hiding covert and banal operations equally — the drainage ditch and the revolution. Bad Infinity captures material artifacts as emblems and indicators of perpetual perpetuation.


Running the 100-ft print pushes the system beyond capacity, giving the technology unexpected agency. The glitch contaminates the process, questioning our expectation of the digital file. Bad Infinity embraces the glitch as the moment that foregrounds possibility over projected outcome. The physical print becomes a mediated representation of the digital. At the scale of the pixel, the glitch indicates file formats and digital resolution; at the scale of the drawing site, machinic defaults and tendencies; at the scale of the gallery, tropes of orthographic perception and sensory comfort.

date 2012


Designer and Branding Sara Dean
With Designers Charlie Veneklase, Janet Yoon, Keith Peiffer, Melinda Rouse, Jonathan Lejune, Brad Smith, Scott Sorli, (not pictured) Valeria Federighi, Jessica Hester